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3 Cheap and Sunny e Visa Christmas Destinations

Wish you could get away from the cold for your Christmas vacation this year? Well we at eVisaMe.com are about to make your dreams come true with this ultimate list of exotic, yet inexpensive travel destinations, where you can soak up the sun and enjoy a warm and sunny Christmas, even if you’re on a budget.

And the best part? You can get your travel visa entirely online for each and every one of these dreamy vacation spots.

Goa, India

Throughout the rest of the year, Goa, located in southern India, is mostly considered a city for party lovers. However, around Christmas time the city transforms into a popular family destination – for tourists and Indians alike – as it lights up with vibrant decorations, colourful flowers, and masses singing Christmas carols until the early morning.  

While the prices do go up accordingly, you can still get a high quality hotel room at relatively low prices for this time of year.

  • Average temperatures throughout December – 21 – 33 C (69-91 F)
  • Average prices for a 3-4 star hotels – $54-$110 (per night for 2)
  • Vibe – laid back beach towns, Holiday celebrations and late night parties
  • Activities – Goa is a one of the major cities in india meaning it offers pretty much anything you can find in a big coastal city, including museums, interesting architecture, numerous restaurants, religious centers, beach activities, a rich nightlife and much more.

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Da Nang, Vietnam

Located in central vietnam, Da Nang is a coastal city famous for its stunning beaches, as well as its history as a French colonial port. Despite its great beauty, until recently Da Nang remained relatively undiscovered by tourists. But the fast growing beach city, often considered one of the friendliest in Vietnam, had been gradually becoming becoming more and more popular,  and we recommend checking it out soon, while the prices are still low,

  • Average price for 3-4 star hotels:$11-$30 (per night for 2)
  • Average temperature in December: 19-25 C (67-77 F)
  • Vibe: tropical beach town
  • Activities:  explore the mountains, visit the stunning Linh Ung Buddhist Temple, check out the cafes at the “An Thuong” area or just hang out on the beach and enjoy your relaxing vacation.

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Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Image by © Lloid | Dreamstime.com


While Egypt might sound a bit turmoil-ish for a relaxing Christmas vacation, Sharm el-Sheik – located in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula, along the coastal strip of the Red sea – is a long time resort and vacation city, popular for its pampering yet cheap resorts, serene atmosphere and stunning combination of beach and desert views.

  • Average temperature throughout December – 15-23 C (59-74 F)
  • Average prices –  US$20-$25 for 3-4 star hotels (per night for 2)
  • Vibe – a desert oasis on the beach
  • Activities – hiking, sightseeing, scuba diving (and other water sports)

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Think you can’t afford a sunny, exotic vacation on the beach this Christmas? Well think again – because we at evisame.com have gathered a tight list of the best 3 destinations that offer all the pampering and fun of a resort vacation, without the huge price tag. And the best part is, you can get your travel visa to all 3 places completely online!