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Do I Need Yellow Fever Certificate when traveling for Brazil?

Planning to visit a country in which you do not permanently reside?  All you need is a valid visa and a passport, and you are good to go!

 The same applies to those looking to visit Brazil. Most visa applications take a long time to process. The Brazilian authorities, however, have recently started to accept a new method of applying for a visa to Brazil.

E visa, an answer to your call

The US is one of the few countries whose citizens can apply for an ‘e visa’ for Brazil. Just like the online application process for Australia, Canada, and Japan, there is now an online system for an e visa to Brazil for US Citizens.

What is different about e-visa?

  • As of now, the cost incurred in the e visa process is over 100 US dollars. This is much lower than the cost of getting your visa stamped in the traditional manner.
  • This visa will stay valid and usable for two years. This is different from the traditionally stamped visa, which is valid for ten years. However, the holder of the e visa can only stay for up to three months or 90 days in Brazil.
  • Multiple entries are also allowed on this e visa. People who have dual residency, that is, those who are citizens of Brazil and some other country at the same time, are not eligible for applying for the e visa.
  • The kinds of activities that can be performed when someone is visiting Brazil using this e visa are also limited. For example, such visitors can be involved in recreational activities like tourism and sports programs and events. Many people also go there to enjoy the rich culture of the African country. There are a lot of volunteering opportunities in the less-privileged parts of the country. People visiting on this e visa are also permitted to engage in business-related activities, such as meetings, conferences, and seminars.
  • However, they cannot be involved in any paid activity. Medical treatment is also a valid excuse for a visit. However, here comes the additional complication of valid health insurance and/or health certificate that must be provided along with the application. The medical process should also not be for a long period of time.

Now you must be wondering what exactly the process is for applying for an e visa to Brazil for US citizens. We have prepared a complete guide for you below.

How can I get a visa to Brazil?

The only basic requirement for a US citizen wishing to apply for a Brazilian visa is a valid passport. If you have a particular date of arrival in Brazil, then you must keep this in mind: The passport must have 6 or more months to go until it expires, starting from your date of arrival. Also, make sure that there are two blank pages in the passport so that it can be stamped when you arrive in Brazil.

You should also have made arrangements for your return ticket so that you do not overstay your visit, intentionally or unintentionally. Otherwise, the country’s authorities will have enough reason to legally prosecute you. Additionally, you must be able to fund your stay yourself. Make sure you can manage your everyday expenses while you stay in the country.

3 Simple Steps to obtain an e visa to Brazil

Moving forward, there are three simple steps that need to be followed to obtain an e visa to Brazil for US citizens.

First Step

Filling an online application form

The first step involves filling an online application form. The form contains personal information as well as other questions, such as those asking the applicant to state their purpose of traveling to Brazil, and how long they intend to stay there. Some questions pertain to the applicant’s passport, such as its type and whether or not the passport is valid. That is followed by some mandatory security questions that need to be answered. Some photo ID must also be uploaded. The picture should be of high quality and in JPG format (PDF is not acceptable). Often, the Brazilian officials reject applications due to low-quality picture ID.

Some of the questions indicate that the applicant must not have been denied a Brazilian visa in the past. They should also not have been involved in any terrorist activity, aggression, violence, or any other criminal activity in the past. If they have been deported from Brazil in the past, then too, they may not be able to apply via the online application.

Carefully read the disclaimer section

One of the points mentioned in the disclaimer section of the form discusses yellow fever. Mosquitos play a huge part in its spread since it is transferred if a person gets bitten by an infected mosquito.

What is yellow fever?

As its name suggests, yellow fever results in the patient getting a high fever. The yellow comes from the jaundice-like physical symptoms of the disease. It gives the patient a pale, yellowish appearance. Other symptoms include chills, nausea, vomiting, headache, and, sometimes, loss of appetite. While it lasts for a short time, it is a dangerous viral disease. According to some experts, it is even deadlier than the dengue and Zika viruses. It may leave the affected person feeling very weak. It may take a while to recover from the aftereffects.

In most cases, however, the above-mentioned symptoms do not show at all. So the infected person does not realize that they have been infected. Around 15% of people are severely affected by the symptoms, which may result in death more than half the time.

Get vaccinated against yellow fever

The common occurrence of yellow fever in Brazil has resulted in the authorities highly recommending travelers to get vaccinated for this disease before they visit the country. If you are not vaccinated, you will most likely be asked to show a medical certificate stating a valid reason for your not being vaccinated.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highly recommends US citizens going to Brazil to get vaccinated an ample amount of time before their departure. It is suggested that travelers who are 9 months or older should get vaccinated for yellow fever at least ten days before they leave for Brazil. On top of that, it may be difficult to get ahold of the vaccine since it is not easily available in many parts of the world. Therefore, you should start looking way before you have planned your trip. Those people who have never been vaccinated for yellow fever are also highly discouraged from visiting those parts of Brazil which are yellow fever high alert zones.

According to the CDC website, a number of people who were visiting Brazil last year got infected, and some of them even had died. Although none of them were US citizens, it is a cautionary tale for everyone visiting Brazil.

Getting vaccinated, why its encouraged?

There are two reasons why international travelers are always advised to get vaccinated for common viral diseases such as this one.

  • Firstly, a vaccine lowers or eliminates the risk of person getting infected by a virus if they are visiting a place where said disease is prevalent. Yellow fever is a deadly disease, hence health organizations worldwide repeatedly stress the importance of getting vaccinated for it.
  • Another purpose of the vaccine is that it prevents the spread of the disease from the infected country to countries where these travelers are from. For example, assume you are a US citizen visiting Brazil. You catch the yellow fever virus and then take it back with you to your country. Now, if a mosquito bites you and gets infected, there would be a risk of other people in your hometown getting infected by the disease too. A vaccine would prevent this from happening.

Second step

Once the application has been submitted for an e visa to Brazil for US citizen, we move on to the second step. It takes a short while for it to be approved. When it is approved, the applicant receives a confirmation message over e-mail. All the relevant travel documents, along with the e visa, are to be printed out and stored in a safe location until the journey.

Third step

Then comes the third step. All the travel documents must be presented at the airport when the traveler departs from their home country. When they land in Brazil, they will again be asked to display the e visa and other documents at the airport. This is standard procedure for all types of cross-country travel, and not just a specific requirement for when traveling to Brazil.

No special permission is granted to any visitor without an e visa. Many people believe that there might be a possibility of them being granted a visa upon arrival. However, the official website states that the Brazilian authorities do not let anybody apply for a visa after they have arrived in Brazil. There is no restriction, however, regarding which airport or port the visitor can land at. You may, however, apply for an extension on your visa while you are in the country.

We hope the application process for an e visa to Brazil for US citizens must now be crystal clear to you. There are several websites which offer e visa services, and you can pick the best one depending on your ease and budget.

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