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E-Visa from South Africa to Armenia

Armenia, the first country to ever adopt Christianity, is one of the most beautiful and unique countries in the great Middle East. It is a land well known among travelers for its beauty, heritage, architecture, remarkable sights, and more.

Reasons that make visiting this country a must are numerous and it is no wonder that travelers who visit this magnificent country are drawn to it time and time again. That’s not all! Considering the popularity of the nation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia introduced visitor e-visas, to allow over 30 nationalities to enter and travel within the country.

Apart from saving time and money, there are various other important features of this visa, which make it popular among globetrotters. Therefore, to help you understand the workings as well as the concept of Armenian e-visa here is its detailed introduction.

Armenian e-Visa: Application, Requirements, & Processing:

Introduced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, the Armenian e-Visa is an official Visitor Visa, issued to citizens of over 30 countries. It is a convenient alternative to the Visas issued at the Embassy or Consulate, as it allows visitors to enter and travel within the country for a specific duration for tourism, medical treatments, education, etc. Applied anytime, up to 6 days before the journey, is submitted and accepted online, by completing an application form

Moreover, South African citizens can apply for this visa effortlessly from the comfort of their home, by following a few simple steps: 

  • Select Origin and Destination Combination
  • Fill the application form with your Personal, Travel and Passport Details. 
  • Make the necessary payment. 

Requirements of the Armenian e-Visa: 

Before you apply for South Africa to Armenian e-Visa, ensure that you meet the following requirements. 

  • Passport: Ensure the expiry date of your passport is at least 6 months from the date of your arrival in Armenia and that it has at least one blank page.
  • Digital photo of yourself: A recent picture. 
  • Dates of Journey: Both to/from Armenia. 
  • Accommodation Details: A hotel booking confirmation or a letter if you stay with relatives/friends.
  • E-mail address: As your Armenia visa arrives via e-mail in PDF format, you need to provide a registered e-mail ID. 
  • Mode of Payment: Credit or debit cards or PayPal account. 

Armenia e-Visa Processing Time: 

Similar to the application process, the processing time for the Armenian e-Visa is also quick and is completed within 5-6 Business Days

e-Visa Processing Type: 

  • Standard 
  • Rush
  • Super Rush 

More about Armenian e-Visa for South African Citizens:

1) Visa Type: Single Entry Visa

2) Eligibility: Citizens of South Africa, with a valid passport, are eligible for the Armenian e-Visa and can use it to visit the country for tourism, medical treatments, education, attending a sports event, cultural conference, or to meet a relative. 

3) Validity: The short-term Armenia visa is valid for 90 days after arrival, and the long-term visa is valid for 180 days after arrival.

4) Limit of Stay: South African citizens can remain in the country for 21 days Per Entry or 120 days Per Entry.

5) Ports of Entry: The Armenian e-Visa can be used only at the following points of entry:

  • Zvartnots International Airport in Yerevan
  • Ayrum railway station (Ayrum, Tavush Province, the border with Georgia)
  • Bagratashen, Tavush Province (border with Georgia)
  • Bavra, Shirak Province (border with Georgia)
  • Gogavan, Lori Province (border with Georgia)
  • Meghri, Syunik Province (border with Iran)

Leverage the flexibility and comfort offered by the Armenian e-Visa and plan your next vacation to the historically rich and welcoming nation effortlessly, with eVisaMe.com. Enjoy hot air ballooning, magical caves, fortresses, zip-lining, off-road riding, and more.