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E-Visa from South Africa to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is one place where people of every age can have a time of their life, and come face to face with a unique culture and fascinating sights. Traveling is even more exciting and fun when you can save money, which can be quite challenging when you are planning a trip to a different country. But, what if we tell you that you can ensure that your next trip from South Africa to Azerbaijan can be initiated by saving money.

Nowadays, e-Visas are gaining attraction among travelers, as it offers them the advantage of getting travel authorization to a country without stepping out of their house. Acknowledging this demand, various nations around the world, including Azerbaijan, have introduced e-Visas to promote tourism as well as to make the process of quick and easy.

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Introduction to Azerbaijan e-Visa:

A single entry visa, Azerbaijan e-Visa for South African citizens is issued online after completing a simple and comprehensible application form provided by various service providers like eVisaMe.com. All you require is a working connection and below related information.

How to Apply for Azerbaijan e-Visa?

South African applicants, with a valid passport, can apply for Azerbaijan e-Visa by completing the application form, following 3 simple steps:

  • Opt Destination & Visa Type: 
  • Provide Necessary Details (your full name, nationality, DOB, passport number, passport expiration date, DOJ…)
  • Make Payment (Credit/Debit Card or PayPal Account)

After completing these steps, submit your application for review and approval, which once approved will be sent to you, in a PDF format, on your registered email ID.  The processing time for the application is 4-5 business days, depending on the type of processing you have opted for- standard, rush, or super rush

Prerequisites of Azerbaijan e-Visa:

  • Valid Passport, with at least 6 months validity & 1 blank page. 
  • A recent digital photo.
  • Dates of Journey
  • Accommodation Details
  • E-mail address
  • Credit or debit cards or PayPal account.  


Applicants can get the e-Visa after paying the fee of $__, with additional charges for standard processing $__. 


Citizens of South Africa, with a valid passport, are eligible for the Azerbaijan e-Visa.


The Azerbaijan visa is valid for 90 days after arrival.


The e-Visa grants a Single Entry and for a maximum stay of 30 days Total.