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E-Visa from South Africa to Bahrain

When making plans for the next getaway from South Africa, Bahrain is not the first destination that comes to the mind of a traveler. However, this small Gulf country next to Saudi Arabia is unlike any place you will ever visit. An archipelago of 33 islands, Bahrain has concealed within it thousands of years of rich history, which now embraces modernity with open arms. From the unparalleled combination of cultural adventures to various beautiful beaches, UNESCO World Heritage Sights, lustrous cities, relaxing lagoons, etc. this Island of Pearls offers tons of exciting experiences throughout the year. 

Therefore, to help you plan your next vacation to Bahrain, we are here with some of the critical information about the country as well as some other necessary details. 

Best Way to Reach Bahrain from South Africa?

The best way to travel from South African to this beautiful and historically rich Gulf nation is via a flight. However, travelers will require the following: 

  • Visa
  • Flight tickets
  • Means of subsistence. 

As the country offers different types of visas, the need for the documents required at Immigration can vary based on the type of visa you opt for.

Types of Bahrain Visas:

To promote tourism as well as ensure the comfort of travelers, Bahrain offers different types of Visas: 

1) Normal Visa:

These are the normal sticker visas issued by the Bahrain Embassy after the complete assessment, review, and interview of the applicants. This is the most common type of Visa issued by the Government of Bahrain for a long duration stay, even though it is the most time-consuming of all the other Visa types. 

2) Visa on Arrival: 

An alternative to the visa issued at the Embassy, Visa on Arrival is suitable for short duration stays. It follows a simple, quick, and hassle-free process and is issued by the Immigration officer at the specified Port of Entry. Visa on Arrival is both time and cost-effective and opted by travelers frequently. 

3) e-Visa: 

The last, but for sure not the least, type of Bahrain Visa, e-Visa is an Electronic Travel Authorization introduced by the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Ministry of Interior (Nationality, Passport and Residence Affairs) in October 2014. It allows nationals from over 116 countries, including South Africa, to obtain a visa online, without visiting the Bahrain Embassy or Consulate for a short duration of maximum 14 days. It is extremely easy to get the Bahrain e-Visa, hence, it is rapidly gaining popularity among travelers. 

Ways to Get Bahrain e-Visa for South African Citizens:

Eligible South African applicants can get the Bahrain e-Visa through:

1) Official Website: 

The official e-Visa Website of Bahrain is one convenient option for getting South Africa to Bahrain e-Visa. 

2) Online Portals: 

Another way to get these visas is through secure and reliable online portals like eVisaMe.com, where applicants enjoy various advantages that are usually missing in the former option, like 24×7 support, bulk processing, privacy, security, etc. 

Requirements of South Africa to Bahrain e-Visa:

Even though e-Visa is easy to get, there are certain requirements that applicants need to pay attention to before they begin the process. These are: 

  • Valid passport: Passport with a validity of at least 6 months as well as a photocopy of the passport’s bio page.
  • Return flight ticket: It is crucial for applicants to pre-book their return tickets before they apply for the e-Visa. 
  • Bank Statements: Applicants are required to show their bank statements covering the last 3 months
  • Means of payment: Make sure you have a Debit/Credit Card or PayPal account before you complete the application. 
  • Valid e-mail address: You will need to provide a registered e-mail ID, where you will receive the approved e-Visa, in a PDF form
  • Hotel Booking: Applicants will also have to provide a copy of their hotel bookings in Bahrain. 

Application Process of Bahrain e-Visa: 

Now that we have covered the requirements of the Bahrain e-Visa, let’s move towards its process. South African applicants, with all the necessary documents, can apply for the e-Visa by completing the online application form through the following steps:

  • Select Destination & Visa Type: The process is initiated by opting for your destination (Bahrain) and Visa type (Tourist).
  • Provide Necessary Details: Here, you need to provide your correct details like Name, DOB, Nationality, Age, Passport ID, Dates of Journey, Duration of Stay, among other things. 
  • Confirm & Make Payment: Finally, confirm the accuracy of the details and move on to make the payment via Debit/Credit Card or PayPal Account. 

Once you complete the process, the application will be sent for approval and the approved e-Visa will be mailed to you on your provided e-Mail ID. 

Other Necessary Details About Bahrain e-Visa:

  • The visa is processed in 4-5 business days
  • There are three Visa Processing types: Standard, Rush, & Super Rush
  • The e-Visa is valid for 30 days from the date of issue
  • The Bahrain e-Visa can be used for: tourism, business, or investment.
  • It comes with multiple entries and a maximum stay of 30 days Per Entry.
  • South African citizens can enter Bahrain through the airport.
  • It cannot be used to enter Bahrain via the King Fahad Causeway.
  • The e-Visa must expire before the applicant can apply for another.

So, whether you want to enjoy the comfortable and warm weather of the country or want to add another Gulf nation to your explored countries, Bahrain is the destination for you, where you can just kick back and relax while having a time of your life.