Evisa to Sri Lanka for US Citizens

If you are a US citizen and Sri Lanka is one of the destinations on your bucket list, then you have to apply for an e-visa to Sri Lanka for US citizen. People from all over the world are visiting Sri Lanka and you would not regret  doing the same. If you are worried about the long lines at the embassies, it’s time you drop all your worries  because the embassies have now come up with an option to apply for a visa online in order to reduce the workload on its  employees.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country and it has remained severely unexplored for ages . Thousands of people visit the country, but they forget about all the beauty that it has to offer. They see the bustling streets in the cities and categorize Sri Lanka  as a crowded nation with little to offer, while wonderful landscapes and tea gardens remain largely ignored. s.

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Why Visit Sri Lanka?

Tourism  in Sri Lanka has been growing ever since the end of the civil war in 2009. The island country is quite beautiful despite the fact that its economy is not among the best  in the world. The beauty of the country can  largely be attributed to the natural lifestyles that the people have adopted, which includes covering the hills with large tea gardens.

However, for  tourists who  are willing to shed a few extra dollar bills from their pockets, there is an option to stay in high-end luxury hotels as well. This means that Sri Lanka has something to offer for all types of tourists, whether indoors or outdoors.  From open tea plantations and high waterfalls to spas and pools, you will find everything in Sri Lanka .

There are beautiful beaches as well, where you can indulge in the various water sports  or simply relax and enjoy the cool sea breeze.You can even surf on the waves of the restless sea or relax and do a little yoga with the locals who are well-trained in the same. There are many yoga centers along  the Sri Lankan beaches.

Another thing that you are bound to love  when in Sri Lanka, is the local cuisine. The Sri Lankan cuisine is largely influenced by that   of the neighbouring country of India, and the dishes allow you to  savour the various spices that are grown in Sri Lanka.

The delicacies available in Sri Lanka are quite flavourful and there are many colorful curries that are, usually, milder than the Indian curries. Other parts of the Sri Lankan cuisine include a variety of seafood, as well as,  fruits that are grown in the tropical climate.

Sri Lanka also has a wide diversity of plants and animals, thus, providing  you with an opportunity to view all the wonders of nature in one place at one time. The rich and diverse flora and fauna are well-preserved in the national parks and the wildlife sanctuaries that are present in the country.

You can see leopards, elephants, deer, bears, boars, wild buffalos, peacocks and many more animals during your stay in Sri Lanka. Apart from the diverse wildlife , Sri Lanka  also boasts of an incredible cultural heritage. The Dutch, the British, and the Portuguese, all formed their colonies in the island nation and left behind quite a legacy in the form of their architecture, food,  love for cricket and much more.

If  you are travelling from New York and have applied for a visa to Sri Lanka from New York, you will find a significant  difference in the climate between the two places. The tropical climate has the ability to uplift your mood , with the cool breeze and open blue skies that are present almost throughout the year, playing their part as well. .

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What is an E-Visa?

When you decide to  visit a foreign country, you require the documentation of approval from the country that you wish to visit. This document is known as the visa, but there is a problem which arises while  applying for a regular visa – there are long queues at  the embassies, where you may have to stand for hours on end before you can fill in the application. It is a long and tedious procedure.

This process has been made much easier with the advent of an online provision for the same . All you have to do, now, is file the application online on the website for the US Citizens’ visa to Sri Lanka and you can get the approval online. The entire process is online, including the payment for  the e-visa.

Types of E-Visas

There are various types of e-visas available.  There is a  visa for tourists who wish to visit a country for a short while, a visa for people who visit the other country for business, a visa for  people who are visiting their friends and families and  wish to stay there for a long time and a visa for  people who are visiting the foreign country for a  sporting, a cultural, a humanitarian, a scientific, or an academic event. However, when you are applying for a US Citizens’ visa to Sri Lanka, you will only have the option to apply for a tourist visa online.

Applying for an E-Visa

When you are on the government portal for the application of the e-visa, the first thing that you have to do is select Sri Lanka from the list of countries in the drop down menu. This will open up a  page where you will be asked for  the details for a  Sri Lankan e-visa. All you have to do is fill in the details that are asked in the application form.

You will also be required to  fill in all your travel information and upload the documents that are asked for in the form. At the end, you will have to  add a mode of payment that you  prefer and complete the process of application. After this, you will have to wait for the authorities to approve your application and grant you the visa.

Fee for the E-Visa for the US Citizens Visiting Sri Lanka

After you have uploaded the documents on the application, you will be directed to  the web page that will ask you for the payment for  the e-visa. The fee for the e-visa is divided into two different parts.

One of them is fixed, set at $35, while the other is variable, depending on the urgency with which you want the e-visa. You can pay $18, $28, or $38. The higher  you pay, the faster is the approval process. If your application for the e-visa to Sri Lanka is not accepted by the authorities, you can get a full refund on  the fee that you have paid for the application.

Specifications of the Photograph for the Filing of an E-Visa

One of the documents that you have to upload along with your application is a picture of yourself. You cannot just upload any picture on the website. There are strict guidelines to which you must  adhere in order to keep in line with the rules of the government.

If you do not follow the guidelines, there is a  high chance that your application will be rejected and you will have to follow the required steps all over again. It is better to simply keep the guidelines in mind while you are getting your picture clicked. The guidelines which you have to follow are as follows:

  1. When you are getting your picture clicked, ensure that the height and width of the picture are the same.
  2. The picture that you upload should have your full face from the front angle. Your eyes should be wide open in the picture and the face, from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin, should be visible in the picture.
  3. The background of the picture should be of a lighter color. If you are confused about the color of the background, it is always better to go with a white background.
  4. The picture should not have any borders or shadows.

If you are unsure about any of the guidelines, it is always possible to get your picture clicked by  a professional photographer. They are well aware about the guidelines and will click a picture accordingly .

Is the E-Visa Applicable for Multiple Entries into Sri Lanka?

The E-visa to Sri Lanka is valid only for double entries, meaning that you cannot use the same visa to enter Sri Lanka more than twice. The visa is valid for a total of 30 days and you can spend the entire 30 days in one go or break it up into two different schedules.

Places Where You Can Get an E-Visa

Applying for an e-visa is quite easy. There are just a few simple steps that you have to follow. However, if you are confused  about the various formalities and procedures, you can avoid taking a risk by hiring a private company or agent that will apply for the e-visa on your behalf. They may charge a bit extra for their services, but you will get an overall safer and more hassle-free experience than if you decide to apply for an E-visa on your own .

Another benefit of choosing a private company is that you will be able to ensure that all your documents are verified before they are submitted to the government. The private company will notify you about any irregularities that might be present in your application and provide you with a solution for the same. These companies  also cater to  bulk orders which can help you book e-visas for  your entire family or a group of colleagues at one time.

Sri Lanka as an Important Tourist Destination

There are many beautiful tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. When you visit these various mesmerizing places, you will want to live there forever. Do not make the mistake of underestimating the tourism of Sri Lanka by judging it on the basis of the size of the country . There are many religious spots within the country, making it an important place for pilgrims  as well. The rich history has attracted  many history  buffs in the past, who wish to know more about the relics that are present all over Sri Lanka.

The small town of Ella should be among the top cities that you visit in Sri Lanka. The Nine Arches Bridge is one of the most iconic sites that you will come across in your life. It provides you with a strategic spot at a height, from where you can see the trains rolling on the tracks, surrounded by high mountains and green tea fields.

You will notice that the bridge does not use any steel and is made entirely out of cement, stone and bricks. Another iconic place that has gained spiritual significance over time is Mihintale. It is a mountain near the town of Anuradhapura and  is a popular Buddhist pilgrimage site. Each year, hundreds of pilgrims visit the mountain top in hopes of experiencing the spirituality of Mihintale.

If you are looking for a place to relax, you will find  that Unawatuna is the place to be . You can take part in activities like  snorkeling and sea diving, through  which you can explore the rich aquatic  life that surrounds the city of Unawatuna. There are a number  of turtles and fish that can be found  in the waters  around Unawatuna.

There are a lot of bars along  the beach as well, which allow you to take in the beautiful sea while enjoying some of the best food and drinks in town. Another beach gateway that you will fancy  is the city of Mirissa. It has a long beach where you can take a long walk with your loved ones. The Sri Lankan economy can allow you to enjoy  the best of  western dining at cheap prices.

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Make the Right Choice While Opting for an E-Visa

Since the advent of the internet, there are many scams which have come to light. People posing as visa agents will take your money and provide you with nothing in return. The government portal continues to be the safest option,  but you can also go with a company that has previously been chosen by a trusted member of your community.

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