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Egypt eVisa for US Citizens

In the era of globalization, people are exploring new horizons in search for a tranquility that they are unable to find in their own nation. This has increased the revenue of the tourism industry and everyone in the world is understanding the need for a global community. Even though people want a world without borders, the reality is that borders exist and we have to get the proper documentation to enter a country that is not ours. This need has resulted in long queues at  embassies where people are lining up to get visas for their visit to different countries in the world. However, with the adoption of the e-Visas, these queues are getting shorter and the entire process is being transferred online. This has made the process quite easy for the people applying for the visa, and the overall speed of the process has also increased.

Why Visit Egypt?

Egypt was the foundation for  one of the earliest civilizations in the world. The nation was once the seat of the power for most of the kingdoms in Africa and you can see the history come to life in the country. One of the most important tourist destinations in the country are the pyramids that have ensured that the country is well on its way to  the map of the world. These huge monuments have been around for centuries and are among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The pyramids are the resting homes for many great pharaohs of the ancient  Egyptian civilization; people from all over the world come to gaze at the incredible feat of human architecture from the ages of old without  modern construction equipment.

Another reason to visit the country is to interact with the local community. Egyptians have a lot of stories to tell and  are among the friendliest bunch of people in the world. Their culture is rich in detail and you will find out that upon your visit, they will treat you like you have been a part of their family all along. They are kind and helpful, something that is widely misunderstood in the Western world. The media has played out the Middle Easterners to be quite violent people while in reality, this is not the case. You will learn quite a lot about the Egyptians when you meet  them. Most Egyptians tend to invite tourists for meals in their homes and it is polite to accept the invitation. You will find out that they are just like any other family in the Western world and the joyous laughter that is shared in the family will make you feel right at home.

If you are visiting Egypt, you will find out that you are among the many people who have applied for a visa to Egypt from New York. This is an easy icebreaker if you are looking to interact with your fellow Americans in a foreign country. Egypt is also famous for its business centers that have developed at a drastic rate in the last few decades. The country has been an important trading point ever since the Bronze Age civilization and it has only grown over the centuries. There are a lot of spices and traditional clothing that are exported out of Egypt.

What Is An E-Visa?

When you wish to visit a country and are not willing to spend precious time waiting for your number to be called at the embassy, you will have no option but to opt for a way that will solve both your problems in one go. This is the e-Visa, a type of visa that is issued online, allowing the citizens to forget all about the queues at the embassy. With the advancement of technology, there is an option to apply for a visa online and the entire process is automated. The concept is gaining popularity by the day and you can apply for it from any place that you feel comfortable, provided you have a device and a connection to the internet.

visa to Egypt for us citizens

Types Of E-Visa for US Citizen Visiting Egypt

Just like the regular visa, for which you stood in lines, there are many different formats for an e-visa to Egypt for the US citizen. These include the usual types, like an e-visa for the tourists or temporary visitors, an e-visa for the people who wish to visit Egypt on business, an e-visa for the people visiting their friends and relatives, and an e-visa for the people who are visiting Egypt for events that include sports, cultural, humanitarian, academic, or scientific activities. While there is an option for all the above types, you will find out that the current acceptance for the US Citizens visa to Egypt is only for the tourist and temporary visitors.

Applying For An E-Visa: US Citizen Visiting Egypt

With the advent of the process online, applying for an e-visa to Egypt for US citizen has never been easier. If you have the payment method ready and all the documents in hand, the entire process of application should not take you more than a few minutes. The process is quite simple and you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Open up the website that is mentioned in the link above and select Egypt from the list of countries in the drop-down menu. The result of the selection will be a webpage that will display all the information regarding the e-visa to Egypt.

2. The next thing that you will have to do is click on the Apply Now button after you select the type of visa for which you are applying.

3. A form will be displayed on your screen and you will have to fill in all your personal details in this form correctly before you click on Next.

4. The website will then direct you to the portal where you are supposed to pay the fee for the e-visa. Select the mode of payment  you prefer and fill in the required details.

5. Once the payment has been accepted, your application will be sent to the authorities for approval and when it is approved, you will receive an email with your e-visa.

Fee For The E-Visa For The US Citizens Visiting To Egypt

After you have filled out the form, you will be presented with a webpage where you  have to fill in the details of the payment. There are various modes available, namely, credit card, debit card, and PayPal. The fee for the e-visa is divided into two parts. There is a fixed fee which is unchangeable while the service fee can be upgraded depending on the urgency with which you require the visa. The fixed fee for an e-visa to Egypt for a US citizen is $43, while the service fee is $18, $28, or $38. If you go with the higher service fee, you can get premium service and get your approval done at a faster rate. The fee is completely refundable in case your application is rejected by the authorities.

Specifications Of The Photograph For The Filing  An E-Visa

There is a section in the application where you will be required to upload all the documents. This includes a photograph, which will be compared with your face at the point of entry in Egypt. The authorities have set certain guidelines as to the requirements which the photograph must meet. These are as follows:

  1. The picture should be square in shape, implying equal height and width.
  2. Your eyes should be open when getting the picture clicked and it should not be taken from a side angle. Instead, the guidelines state that the picture should be angled from the front .
  3. Your head should be visible from the top to the bottom in the picture. It should be right at the centre of the frame and the alignment should not vary.
  4. The background of the picture should be light in color or white.
  5. No shadow should be visible on your face or in the background of the picture.
  6. No borders should be present on any side of the picture.

Many photographers are well aware of the guidelines which should be followed when getting your picture clicked for an e-visa. You can avail their services and get it right in the first time to avoid your application being rejected on the basis of the picture.

visa to egypt

Is The E-Visa Applicable For Multiple Entries Into Egypt?

Yes, the e-visa for Egypt is valid for multiple entries. However, the total duration of the e-visa is only for 90 days. The total number of days which you can spend in the country on a single application is 30 days, which can be spread over the 90 day period.

Places Where You Can Get An E-Visa

You have two options when you are considering to apply for an e-visa. Either you can do it yourself by visiting the government portal, or you can avail the services of   travel agents who will apply for the e-visa on your behalf. For a small fee, you can avail the benefits  provided by the private companies. They are as follows:

  1. You will get a better customer support from the private companies since they cater to the problems on a daily basis.
  2. Private agents will verify your documents before they upload it on the portal, improving the chances of your application being approved.
  3. You can avail a discount on their services if you are applying for corporates or bulk orders for all family members.

Egypt: An Important Tourist Destination

Egypt is one of the most important countries in Africa. The country has huge chunks of land furnished by the Sahara . A lot of  settlements typically centered around the river Nile,  but due to the development of civilization, many cities have risen over the past few decades and the water supply has been ensured by the construction of canals. When you decide on visiting Egypt, do not cross off a city on your bucket list if you are doubtful about the amenities that will be provided to you. Food, shelter and water are readily available at all major tourist destinations and you will hardly feel that you are in a remote country in Africa that was once all immersed in golden sands.

The Pyramids of Giza are, by far, the most important tourist destination in Egypt. These huge structures rise up from the ground and seem to tower upon you like giant mammoths. While some of them are in ruins and others  quite small, the Great Pyramid of Giza is a true spectacle to see in Egypt. Another ancient exhibit which is a sight for sore eyes is the Great Sphinx, which is located near the pyramids. While many other nations have tried to imitate the monument, the true connection to history can only be experienced when you are getting your picture clicked with your mouth perfectly positioned to plant a fervent kiss on the Great Sphinx.

Another popular tourist attraction is the Khan-el-Khalili market in Cairo. This is the oldest and largest market in the country and you will find quite a lot of treasures at reasonable prices within the market. There are products made out of copper and silver, and a choice of perfumes and spices. If you wish to go on a shopping spree for valuables, you can have a go at the Khan-el-Khalili market and not regret a moment spent here.

Other popular tourist activities include sailing in the Red Sea, water sports and other water related activities on the beaches of Egypt, ancient museums and temples, cruise on the Nile, and shopping for brands in Cairo.

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Beware of the Scams

If you are applying for the e-visa yourself, there is no chance that you will be scammed by the government. However, if you are going for a private agent, there are chances that they will ask for the fee  full in advance and then not deliver the results. Some companies also charge hefty service fee just to do the same thing  you could have done yourself. You should always opt for a company that has a good reputation or is trusted by someone close to you.

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