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eVisa to Oman for US Citizens

The Arabs have taken the world by storm with their surplus wealth that they have accumulated over the past few decades. They have ensured that their countries – even after they run out of oil – will continue to survive on tourism. This has been done by building attractions that will ensure the inflow of  tourists for the next few decades or more. Oman is one of the Gulf countries, and even though it has been affected by the Gulf war to some extent, tourism in the country has not declined.

When you talk about going on a vacation, Oman may not be the first country that comes to your mind. This is because the surrounding country of UAE is much more popular when it comes to tourism. However, you will be surprised to learn that the country of Oman has equally, if not more, to offer. Oman may not be as lavish or extravagant as UAE, but it has its own special features that make it unique .

With the rising awareness around tourism in the country, an increasing number of people are applying for an e-visa to Oman for US citizens every year. People from other nations are also looking for work in the country since there is always some or the other construction project that is looking for new workers in the area.

What Is an E-Visa?

Visiting countries has become easier with the borders of most countries being opened up to different citizens of the world. Countries are developing better relations with each other, and are slowly moving towards building a global community. The opportunity to travel to other countries is enticing for a number of people and these people are lining up at embassies to get their visas.

However, the process is, now, also available online and you can apply for the visa from the comforts of your home. This is known as an e-visa and it removes the hassle of waiting in long queues for the submission of your application. All you have to do is open the website for a US Citizens visa to Oman and fill out the form for the e-visa. After you have submitted all the required details and documents, your application will be processed, and you will receive your e-visa via email.

Applying for an E-Visa

When you wish to apply for an e-visa, there are a few steps that you have to follow to the dot. When you open the website for an e-visa to Oman for US citizens, you will have to select the type of service that you want for the process. After that, simply fill out the form that asks for your personal details, ensuring that the information is correct, and that it matches the information on your passport.

The next page will ask you for your travel information to Oman and after you have filled that out, you will have to upload all your documents and pictures as per the guidelines provided on the e-visa application. Once you have done that, you will be presented with a page for the payment gateway. Here you can choose between different options such as credit card, debit card, or your PayPal wallet.

Fee for the E-Visa for US Citizens Visiting Oman

Visiting Oman is going to prove to be quite expensive. This is because the visa fee excluding the service charges is $130. The service charges can be chosen depending on the type of service that you want. The lowest service charge is $25, the next is $35, and the most premium service costs $45. Going with the lowest service charge, gives a total visa fee of $155, which in itself is quite steep.

However, going with the higher service charges will provide you with better services from the authorities. In case of a rejection of the visa application, the fee will be refunded in its entirety, including the service charge that you have paid. This refund will either be done into your bank account or to your PayPal account.

Specifications of the Photograph for the Filing of an E-Visa

The third step of the visa application requires you to a picture of yourself.  This cannot be just any picture that you have lying around in your device. There are some specifications which the authorities have set for the picture that has to be attached along with the application form of the e-visa. If you do not care for these guidelines, your application will be vulnerable to a high chance of rejection. Here are some of the main guidelines that you must follow in order to keep with the requirements of the authorities:

  1. When uploading the picture, ensure that it is square. You should take due care that the height and the width of the picture are exactly same.
  2. The features of your face should be visible quite clearly in the picture. This can be ensured by having a light colored background in the picture – preferably white.
  3. The picture should not have any borders on any side or any shadows either on your face or in the background.
  4. All the features of your page should be clearly visible in the picture. Considering this guideline, it is important that the entire face of the applicant is visible – from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin.

Since these guidelines change from time to time, it is difficult to keep track of them. Some guidelines vary from country to country too. This is why it is recommended to get this picture clicked by a professional photographer who is aware of the changing instructions.

Is the E-Visa Applicable for Multiple Entries into Oman?

Yes, the e-visa to Oman is valid for multiple entries. From the date of issuance, the e-visa is valid for a total period of 365 days. However, the maximum number of days that you can stay in the country upon entry is 30 days. After that you will have to leave and enter again, counting as a second entry into Oman. As mentioned above, the laws in Oman are quite strict, which is why you have to take care that you do not overstay your welcome. Upon being caught, you will face legal action in the country for violation of their immigrant laws.

Why Visit Oman?

Even though there are a lot of things that will encourage you to visit Oman, one thing to remember is that a country is nothing without its people. They are the building blocks of everything that the country stands for, and they represent their country in all its essence. Omanis are unlike any other people that you will ever meet in the world. They are some of the kindest souls in the world, and you will rarely find a local without a smile on his or her face.

This is because, throughout history, Omanis have stood together in times of sadness, as well as hardships. They have helped each other out in times of need, and have been able to build a community that is united on all fronts. This will be quite a different sight from what you usually see in Manhattan if you are on a visa to Oman from New York. You would notice that the people in your hometown do not interact easily with everyone that they meet.

People in New York have a fast-paced life and are too busy to accommodate anything except the mundane “How do you do?” when they meet someone. In Oman, the scenario is quite the opposite. You will find people interacting with each other frequently, and they are some of the most compassionate people that you will ever come across.

Another thing which the Omanis are famous for i is their culture and heritage. Among all the Arab nations, you will find that the culture of Oman is the richest. To this day, the people continue to follow all the traditions that their ancestors did: wearing the same kind of clothes, jewelry, and accessories.

Do not mistake these practices as the lack of a modern nature among the people. The lifestyle of the Omanis is a beautiful blend of modern lifestyle with ancient traditions. The several generations of Omanis continue to uphold their traditions and take pride in the civilization that they have built over the centuries.

There is no lack of natural beauty in Oman either. While human interference has been quite low, with no construction of large buildings spoiling the natural landscapes, you will find that the small houses that the Omanis have built line up against the natural landscape of mountains that hold many mysterious caves and wadis.

The palm trees of the region are no strangers to the Omani landscape either, providing visitors with a lavish amount of dates. For people who are seeking the perfect natural adventure, Oman is the country to be in with its various treks and mountains to scale.

The overall atmosphere of the country is quite peaceful. People are usually not in a hurry, and everything runs at a relaxed pace. Oman is the perfect country for anyone who is seeking a peaceful getaway. Its natural beauty soothes the soul of its visitors, helping them reach a peaceful state of mind.

Another commendable thing that you will find in the country is its cleanliness. Unlike New York, where the smell of urine and vomit is prevalent on the streets at all times, the roads of Oman are as clean as they can get. This can be attributed to a number of factors, including the strict laws that are in place, the good job that the cleaners do, and the love that the Omanis have for their country.

You will also enjoy the hospitality of the locals while you are in the country. They will open up their homes to you regardless of their affiliation with you. Once you are invited into their homes, you will be offered things like dates, coffee, fruits, cakes, cookies, and Halwa.

When in Oman, it is hard to miss the beautiful scent of frankincense. For centuries, the Sultans of Oman have gifted boxes of frankincense to many royals around the globe, including the queens of Egypt and the Kings of Rome. This well-documented history is still repeating itself, with the locals gifting boxes of the same to visitors that they find worthy. They believe that frankincense not only has a good scent but can also cure many diseases with its purifying powers.

When you visit Oman, you will get familiar with the daily routines of the people. One thing that they never forget to do is cook rice for lunch. However, the rice is cooked differently every day. The locals use different types of seasonings to make the dish quite delicious and serve it with either chicken or meat. Shuwa is a local dish that is made out of marinated meat cooked in an underground sand oven. The dish is cooked slowly, and it takes about two days for the cooking to be completed.

Plan A Trip Today

There are many people who will claim that visiting the Gulf countries is quite dangerous. This belief has been promoted to a great extent in the United States of America by the American media. They have stereotyped the Middle-Easterners as terrorists despite the fact that many of them are peaceful and kind people. Arabic may seem like an intimidating language , but once you get used to it, you will notice that it is quite a beautiful language. You will have to give up your prejudice against the Middle-Easterners in order to  explore all that the Gulf countries have to offer.

Once you visit Oman and live among the locals, you will find that the 30 days that are provided during a single entry are just not enough. You will want to come back to the country again and again, simply to spend more time with its people and culture. The reasons that have been mentioned above are just some of the more persuasive ones. Aside from them, there are a lot more things that you can see and do in Oman.