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How to Fill Out an e Visa Application for a  Family?

The electronic visa (e visa or online visa) is becoming more and more popular worldwide, as more and more countries implement this useful feature that allows tourists to obtain their entry visa entirely online –  from the application process, through attaching any required forms to receiving their e visas by email.

And it gets even better for families, who can now apply for all their travel visas together, quickly and easily, from the comfort of their own home.

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How to Apply for Family e Visas?

Applying for multiple e-visas, for a family traveling together, is almost as simple as applying for just one e-visa:

  1. Select your destination country
  2. Fill Out the Application form for the first family member
  3. Click the ‘Add Another Person’ button – you can add up to 6 applicants from your family.
  4. Fill out the required information for every additional applicant (i.e. family member)- however, please note that you should only provide one email address for the entire family application (this is where you e visas will be sent once approved)
  5. Attach all the required documents for every family member – including passport size photos, passport bio page scans and anything else that is required (you can find out the exact requirements by checking our visa requirement tool)
  6. Click the Continue button to complete the application process
  7. Pay for the application – you can use a credit card, debit card or a paypal account (If requested, a payment receipt will be issued under the name of the primary applicant.)

And that’s it – you’ve completed the family application and now all you have to do is wait for your approved e visas to arrive in you inbox.

Requirements for Family e visa Application

While applying for a for a family e visa may be nearly as simple as applying for one e tourist visa, there are certain requirements that are specific for family applications.

If you want to increase the chances of having your e visa approved, it is important to follow these carefully in advance:

Requirements for Family Application :

  1. Same origin country – all members of the family must be from the same country;
  2. Same travel documents – all family or members must hold the same type of passport, (regular passport, diplomatic passport, or official)
  3. Same travel dates – all family or members should arrive and depart the country on the same date.
  4. And finally – all the application requirements for the e Visa must be met by every member of the family.

Do all Family Member have to Arrive in the Destination Together?

As noted in the family e visa application requirements above, all family members must list the same travel dates when applying for multiple e visa at once.

However, while you are required to list the same date, you don’t actually all have to arrive on the same date

How is that Possible?

The validity period for your e-Visas is determined according to the date selected as your arrival date. However, once your e visas are approved, you are not required to enter the country on the exact date that appears in your application, but can enter anytime during the validity period of your evisa.

This means that family members don’t actually have to arrive on the same date, but merely list the same date on their application so all the family e visa will have the same validity period.

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How Many People can I add to a Family or Application?

Multiple member e-Visa applications can be created for a family or for a, and the number of people you can add to a single application depends on the type of multiple member application you need:

For a family application – you can add between 2-6 people

For a group e visa application – you can add between 2-20 people

How Do I pay for a Family e Visa?

Multiple member applications require only one bulk payment, which you can make at the end of the application process, using your prefered means of online payment – credit card, debit card or paypal.

Have a Great Trip!

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