Why eVisaMe?

eVisame.com is a global company, specializing in electronic visa (i.e. evisa or e-visa) processing services worldwide.

Friendly Process

Quick and easy-

thanks to our advanced software solutions, you can apply for your e-visa in just a few simple steps.

User Friendly-

our application forms offer special features like autosaving your information every 5 seconds so you don’t have to worry about losing anything, and don’t need to rush to finish.

Bulk processing-

with evisame, unlike many other sites, you can process several e visas at once,rather than each one separately. This can save a great deal of time and hassle for families and groups applying for an e visa.

Pre-Order Option-

want to order in advance? No Problem! Just add your travel dates to the e visa application, and we will have your evisa ready just when you need

Professional Service

Money back guarantee-

if your electronic visa wasn’t approved, you will get your money back, including the payment for our services!

Customer Support Center-

our team is always there to answer any questions you might have, provide technical support, and help get your e-visa approved as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Premium / Premium Plus Service Options-

including expedited e visa processing and telephone assistance when filling out your evisa application form.

Privacy and Security

Optimal security-

we adhere to the highest cyber security standards to ensure that your personal information is completely safe. All the information is encrypted for safe keeping, and anything that isn’t essential is automatically deleted.

Complete Privacy-

we guaranty that your information will be kept safe and will not be shared with or sold to a third party for any reason.

Focus and Reach

Global reach-

need an evisa for more than one country? With evisame.com you can easily apply for electronic visas for any country you desire, or several countries at once (provided these countries currently offer an evisa).

Dedicated Specialization-

unlike many other service providers, evisame.com focuses solely on electronic visa processing services. This allows us to stay ahead of the game when it comes to advanced technologic

eVisame Services Vs. Government Basic Online Services

Not sure which option best suits your needs?

In order to make the decision a little easier, you can use the following table, summarizing the main differences between the e visa application services offered by eVisame.com, as opposed to a typical government site:

  • ServiceeVisame.comGovernment Website
  • Online Application
  • support via email, chat, or phone 
  • Money Back Guarantee 
  • Application review and correction by visa experts before submission 
  • Simplified online application process
  • Privacy protection
  • Approved electronic visa sent visa email in PDF format
  • Email Recovery of your eTourist Visa in case of loss 
  • Additional Bank transaction charges of 2,5%. 
  • Bulk Application Processing